Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2005 Season Recap

Lake Huron

Lake Trout fishing was excellent at the tip of Michigan's thumb area for much of the season. Grindstone harbor was the port of choice as it allowed us to fish the reefs to the east and to the north. This was a big advantage over the harbor in Port Austin during July when the fish moved off the reefs to the north for a couple of weeks but were still on the reefs to the east. Limit catches were common in May, most of June, August and the first half of September. The best fishing was May 15th to June 25th and August 13th to September 10th.

Salmon fishing was slow again this year on Lake Huron. We did however have the ocaasional "good" day for salmon.

Lake Michigan

Two areas of the lake stood out again this year. Ludington / Pentwater in July and Frankfort / Elberta/ Arcadia in August. We will be fishing these ports during their "prime time" in 2006.

Lake St. Clair

Perch fishing was great. Many days saw us catch 200 plus perch. We even had three days that we caught over 300 perch. The unseasonably warm weather in September and October made for an extended perch run. The best fishing was September 28th to October 26th.

Don't miss this fishing if you like perch.

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See you on the water.

Good Fishing,

Capt Eric